Cheryl Cole Repaired Teeth

Many of you know Cheryl Cole as the sensational beautiful and equally as successful English pop singer, model and television personality.

Today we see a dazzling starlet with a perfectly priceless smile, however Cheryl Cole didn't always possesses such a perfect set of chompers, in fact not so long ago she had exceptional crooked teeth, until she infested a well worth set of veneers.

Another success story for all you fans of perfection!

Miley Cyrus Teeth Work

It seems as if the adorable pop princess, Miley Cyrus, has sought out the help of some fabulous dental veneers, as we see a before and after photo displaying a spectacular transformation.

The correction in Miley Cyrus' smile was quite necessary, considering the amount of time she spends in the spotlight.

Hilary Duff Before And After

Its been rumored that the dazzling celebrity actress and singer, Hilary Duff, has opted for dental veneers to correct her already beautiful smile.

Whether or not she actually has veneers is another story, however its clear that she has beautiful top notch quality smile.